Solar power can heat hotwater or generate electricity

Heats hot water by using:

  • The old fashioned flat plate collector with water in pipes under a sheet of glass ( like your garden hose getting hot in the sun) in the sun
  • The latest technology EVACUATED TUBE with exceptional efficiency in cold winy conditions due to double glazing
  • Both collector types will collect the hot water in a storage tank much like a normal hot water tank either close coupled on roof using thermosyphon or split with tank below using a small electric circulator The tank will have either an electric or gas boost for lengthy periods of rainy days.
  • Large areas of low temperasture Collector Matting for heating swimming pools and spas to 35C
  • Generates electricity using specially treated silicon cells which generate DC current like you get from batteries.
  • Solar Generated electricity can be used to heat water in your electric hot water system but it is not nearly as efficient as directly heating the water by te sun as seen in the links above.

The 3 types of Solar Electric Systems

  1. Grid Connected system or ON Grid (mains electricity grid used instead of a battery)
  2. Grid Connect with battery-backup
  3. Off grid system using batteries



On grid solar power systems are for those connected to the mains power grid wanting to save money while saving the atmosphere from carbon dioxide

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ON GRID w/battery

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Off grid systems are for those not connected to the grid who want reliable electrity without constant generator noise and pollution. Solar Distributors powered its warehous and workshop this way from 1982. Solar Credit rebates are available for home and business and Solar Distributors provide a fully qualified design and installation service to meet your individual requirements.


Off grid systems consist of Australian, American Japanese or Chinese quality, solar panels that generate power from the sun and/or wind turbines that generate power from the wind. The power is stored in batteries and an inverter converts the DC (direct current) battery power to 240 V alternating current (AC) power. The power , is used to power your home or business lights, pumps, and appliances.


Solar Distributors provide off grid design and installation sevice throughout Southern Qld and Northern NSW. Your experienced installers provide quality installations using only quality products with reliable backup service

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